A few of our favourite things

Helen lent me the summer 2007 recipe book last week – well ! I have much enjoyed reading it. And more to the point, I have already made one of the recipes – picture attached.
I was looking for a way to use up some stock which I had defrosted for another dish. The Pea, Apple and Mint Soup was just the answer. Very few ingredients and so easy to make. I planned to freeze it, but had 2 mugs of it for supper instead. I added a swirl of crème fraiche, only because I wanted to finish a pot, but the soup is quite delicious without.
Next project is the Piquant Chicken as I have some red peppers lurking in the bottom of the fridge …..
Thank you Denman College Course and Brightwell cum Sotwell WI.

Jane Hawker

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