Proposed Resolutions for 2018/19

  1. Improving Plant Biosecurity in UK
  2. Trees – Improving the Natural Landscape
  3. Pelvic Floor Education
  4. Suffering in Silence; end the taboo around menstrual health
  5. A Call Against the Decline in Local Bus Services
  6. Don’t fear the smear

2 of the above have gone through to be presented to the NFWI Annual Meeting:

5 A Call again the Decline in Local Bus Services

5 Don’t fear the Smear

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Annual Meeting 12th March 2019

The business part of our Annual meeting went smoothly. The two members of the committee who are standing down – Margaret Smith and Jennie Pozzonni were presented with plants by Helen, their contributions and good humour will be missed by those staying on.

We now have two new members – Karen Sibun and Jan Stockdale, somehow we are going to have to distinguish between the Jan’s!

We then had fun with the “what’s in the sock” game. Played by each table – there was a winning table that guessed all of them.

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Future meetings

We now have the new programme sorted and copies of it will be available at our April meeting.  Please note that we now start at 7.45pm

Here is a preview of the next quarter.April 9th

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Snowdrops at Braziers Park

On Sunday a group of us travelled to Braziers Park, near Ipsden, to see the snowdrops, view the house and have tea and cake.

Marion had organised 2 car parking spaces and entry to house for 6 of us.  Day was a bit chilly but we managed the shorter of the two walks up the hill and through the woods. Some spotted some double ones in the midst of the native snowdrops.

We then had a guided tour round the house and discovered its interesting history from 1790 to present day.  The cake was good too!

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The Coffee Meet

Some of you will already be regulars at the monthly coffee meet at Root One – we welcome all and have a good natter.

Last month I happened to spy a lady sitting near us who was on her own so after asking if she was meeting anyone I asked if she would like to join us, this she duly did and we all got on with chatting.

So if you are sitting on your own on one of these Mondays and think we look like an OK bunch please come and join us.

We next meet on Monday 18th February any time after 10am. The table nearest the patio.

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January meeting

A good evening was had by all. Resolution discussions were lively and in the end inconclusive. 3 groups thought 3 resolutions could be combined, Pelvic floor, menstrual health and don’t fear the smear.

The Fish and chip supper was eaten with gusto and followed by delicious brownies and biscuits from Alison.

fish and chips & resolutions wi meeting 8.1.19 002

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St Denys Handbell Ringers

At our last meeting we enjoyed hearing the St Denys handbell Ringers from Stanford in the Vale. Afterwards we all enjoyed the mulled wine – alcoholic or not and refreshments of the usual high standard.

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